Sunday, January 27, 2013

Setting Up an Effective Online Learning Experience

Setting Up an Effective Online Learning Experience  Week 3

When setting up an online classroom environment, it is essential that you are creating an environment that will be an open and effective environment between the learner and the facilitator.

In order to make sure the facilitator or instructors are doing their job he or she should follow these steps:  Step one is to establish a professional learning relationship between the learner and educator.  When a relationship is established the leaner has a trust to communicate to his facilitator during school and the learner will give it his best because the facilitator has set the tone of expectations.  Next step is to communicate the educator’s expectation for the online course clearly.  When expectation is explained clearly the learner has little questions and the class becomes easier to accomplish.  Step3 is one of the most important steps and that is to make sure the learner is engaged into the lesson.  This can be evident through the instructor participation in lessons or activity.  Also by encouraging participation throughout the course and making sure grades are given back on a timely manner.  Step four is making sure the learner is prepared for the course with the right tools needed to be successful such as setting aside a certain amount of hours for learning, the correct course book; they complete the correct assignment etc.  If these steps are followed the learner will expand his or her knowledge of the course and the educator will have a lease stressful environment.


It is important to communicate clearly online so that the expectation for that course is communicated clearly to the learner so that a learner will not complain about him or hers not understanding an assignment.  Online learners also need to their expectations from the stand point of the learner is expected.  The learners also need to make sure they understand when deadline are due and if the assignment is a special assignment and it needs to be turned into turn it in or another site.  Next the educator needs to encourage participation in the course so that the learner can learn the expected outcomes for the online course.


Any time you are dealing with adult learners and you are the teacher you have to take into consideration that each encounter with a learner will be different.  Also when working with adult learners you also have to consider that they are taking an online class because they may have an issue with working, or family and trying to finish their education.  The teacher has to be willing to extend their hours or be flexible to make sure the experience at that college can be as good for them as it is for the educator.  If the educator can accomplish these needs of the adult learners than the learner will appreciate it and work even harder for the educator while in your course.


  1. Hiraman,

    Instructor feedback is truly the root to the success of the student. Course expectations must be clear not only for the student, but the instructor as well. Good Post!


  2. Hiraman,

    This is a very thoughtful discussion about setting up an online class. I agree that your Step 3 is the most important for us as educators: Students will be engaged if we are engaged and participating in the class. I like also that you point out that each encounter with learners will be different and that we can take the time to work with our students. True, it may be that we need to flexible to accommodate our students, we a have the responsibility to ensure we provide tools and opportunities for our students to be successful.