Monday, February 11, 2013

Imapact of Technology on Adult Learning

     When it comes to teaching or taking an adult class, technology helps make that coiurse easier.  One of the way technology make the course easy is through virtual classrooms.  With a virtual classroom learners are able to do discussion boards with other students and have group activity online.  Technology also allows learners to view professors discuss different learning topics or learning objectives.

      Before incorporating technology in the online learning enviorment instructors should consider the geopraphic, culture and gender.  All three are important topict to consider when taking a coursein a adult enviornmenr.  If the instructor understand that learners learn at different paces and online classes are designed to help working adults with children, work and full schedule to be flexible to accomadate the learner finishing class.  Also if instuctors understand the geographic of were the learners are located then they will continue to give the learner the full seven days to finish work because some learners may have extra time dependin on where they live.

      In my personal opinion usability and acessibility are key in online classes.  For example if you ahve a good website but none of the learners understand how to operate the site or have acess to the website than that is a wasted source.  Also users that are using these different site have to be given detailed directions to operate these websites.  Because sometimes the sites need different acess codes or passwords to log on to the website.
      Technologies vary online because instructors use different technologies for different purposes.  For example a math intructor will use different websites to educate students about mathematics versus a english teacher using different online enviormental sites to teach english.  Most online enviorments have instructors giving online lessons that will help the learner understand the learning objective for that week.  Another good tool for learning is discs or CD's.  Last good site is website with differeent educational informatiion that focus on the course.


  1. When grouping in the online forum, it is necessary to take certai things into consideration, i am a firm beliver in coperative learning, but in order for it to work you must group accordingly. Demgraphics can pose a difficult situation for those who work together. Choosing your technologies wisely is also a big thing to consider. One must make sure of its relevance to course concepts and its ease to navigate. It sounds like you have done your research and will be more than effective in your technology choices.

  2. Hiraman-

    I agree that technology helps make it possible for all kinds of learners to pursue their education or to add to their education and pursue additional certifications or degrees. You bring up also that many online students are working adults, so planning assignments and using technology to make it easier to balance work and studies is critical for the success of the program and for that of the learners. It is not realistic to expect adult learners do complete a research paper mid week with only a few days preparation time. It is better to have due dates at the end of the week and when most learners have time off from their day job. I like the extra time to process the assignment, research, study, reflect and plan before I begin writing my assignments. Thanks for a good post this week.