Saturday, February 23, 2013

Plagerism Detection and Prevention

On page 1 of plagerism can be defined as the act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author's work as one's own, as by not crediting the original author.  Plagerism is done when learners are young but as the learner gets older and attends college they need to understand the if they do not document then the learner can get into trouble.

When it comes to online classes most teachers use turnitin to check student papers for plagerism.  Another site is which is a free site that helps online instructors or educators grade papers for mistakes and plagerism.  When writing papers it is easy to get lazy and copy other people papers or ideas to complete an writing assignment.  In a online enviorment educators expect their students to make sure the learner understand the information begin taught during the online course.
By having a assessment the professor is able to make sure the learners understand the learning objectives within the course.

In a future online class I plan on using turnitin for my learners. 

Reference: 2013.  Definition of plagerism.

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